GwadarCity.Co portal is a Company providing Real Estate listings that are process-driven, high quality, data oriented, powerful and are regarded as most cost effective. It provides high quality solutions based on our market research to both individuals and businesses, aiming to buy or rent property in Gwadar District. One of the many reasons you should consider searching and buying property in Gwadar is because of its immense economic potential.

We have successfully completed our data base search and customized it according to your ‘specific needs’.  Our web based search is made with suitable graphics and analytical tools to get you through your ‘type’ of property.  We are also proud to state that, GwadarCity.co is offering property on; rent and buy. Along with this, suitable monthly and annually payment schedules are designed for ‘specific schemes with highest rates; starting from 50,000.

With our highly professional, experience and qualified team of ‘real-estate’ agents and a fully equipped IT team. We at GwadarCity.co portal provide ideal listings for all kinds of Open Land with Sea / Road Front, Resort, Commercial, Residential, Warehouse & Industrial Plots, Apartment, Office, small to medium houses, large houses for joint families. In addition to this, co-housing facilities are also provided. Our aim to make Gwadar, the best place to live in Pakistan could be 100% possible based on our current approach and future plans. We are not just taking care of real estate listings, but we are also making sure to prioritize sustainable living conditions.  This web portal is for both ‘buyers and sellers’. Everyone is whole heartedly welcome to list their property or properties with proper credentials on our website portal. We work tirelessly to ensure smooth dealings of the whole process. Our Coordination with industries’ most reputable developers and consultants group will make sure that you are getting the house of your dreams. The complete process is designed to be hassle free and environment friendly.

Our focus is on customer centric approach along with strong process which is highly manageable. Clients will also be able to hire suitable architect and interior designers at reasonable prices from iSource.pk at Gwadar City’s website portal. This additional feature which has never been previously introduced in any of ‘real estate’ property website in Pakistan is indeed an added advantage.

Our representation of unique opportunities to clients is not just for the citizen of Gwadar; but also for rest of Pakistan and for Pakistanis living abroad. We can enable clients’ to implement creative solutions based on their customized needs. This process is faster, cheaper and financially feasible than current options provided by rest of ‘real estate’ companies. Our distinctive approach to reliability and quality is a direct result of years of hard work and enthusiasm. This represents and enhances our aim to provide excellent services to our current as well as potential clients. Timely response and updated software system enables our Customer Service Representative to answer your queries within a very short period of time.

Visit GwadarCity.co portal and begin your first search. Our realtors and their representative are available to assist you at every stage of process. We aim to make sure that all the dealings are done legally and in a smooth manner. In addition to this, our direct links with industries’ most reputable insurance firms in near future will help you to get your house ‘insured’. Our transparency and credibility in this whole process of buying and selling will surely make your visit worthwhile.

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