Assistance is Expected for Improved Versions of Fishery, Oil, Refinery and Housing Projects of CPEC


The first phase of CPEC is proved to be successful enough according to the expected plans. Now comes the second phase, which will be giving priorities to the projects related to housing, fishery, tourism, oil, and refinery. Thus, both countries have their acceptance of this.

On Friday, in Islamabad, Secretary Planning Zafar Hasan attended the videoconference with Deputy Director-General NDRC Gao Jian. Additional Secretary of CPEC and senior officials of both sides were present.

He stated that low-cost housing is our top-most priority. And, for this, the Naya Pakistan scheme is a great initiative to get the desired aims. The other plan is about the oil and gas sector. Therefore, the plan is extremely beneficial and requires proper focus too.

Other than this, in the recent visit of PM to China, he also considered the fishery part. PM said, by improving the fishery trade with the cooperation of China, we can gain benefits without any illegal and unreported trade. But, skills for this are lacking in Pakistan. Hence, Gao Jian agreed to cooperate with Pakistan in the exchange programs for the training of fishermen. The secretary planning talked about the addressed problems of COEC and ensured the satisfied and timely progress of CPEC.

The current focus for the second phase is on tourism, fishery and oil refinery to take the economy higher for better Pakistan. So, tourism between the two countries is also beneficial for both.


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