Central Railway System in Gwadar under CPEC, Senate Reported

Gwadar would soon be connected to the central railway system to Turbat and Mustang under CPEC. It was declared in the session of Senate sub-committee this Friday. The officials of Pakistan Railway stated that Gwadar is going to connect to the central railway system. They also stated that they have prepared the feasibility report after careful planning and hard work. The project is soon expected to commence and complete.

Travel to Turbat and Mustang by Train

CPEC aims at establishing this city as a Smart Port City. Its officials are now paying attention to the means of transportation in the city. A session led by Senator John Kenneth Williams was held this Friday. The session made discussions regarding the CPEC. The railway’s officials shed light on the completion of the feasibility report for the project. It was prepared regardless of all risks in the region of Mustang and Pangore. A lot of hard work has been put in this project by the Railway Officials.

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