China Is Helping India In A Pakistan Way for Their Manufacturing Problems


China is active nowadays for solving India’s problems. They are always ready to serve with some fresh advice for Narendra Modi. Also, Chinese govt. is focusing to sort out India’s manufacturing problem just like Pakistan. It’s because China has seen the failure of Modi’s manufacturing programs.

Make in India’ was introduced in 2014, but was failed. Instead of being a manufacturing star, India faced crucial problems and decreasing economic values every year. This failure causes China to state that it was the refusal of the BRI proposal, which leads to loss for India.

On the other hand, the bonds between India and America seems to be the same as before. Modi is excessively obsessed with its ties with the US, stated in the editorial.

So, China was offering India to join BRI just like Pakistan. Pakistan also joined BRI and loosens its bonds with America. Thus, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was formed. Whereas CPEC is helping Pakistan to build its infrastructure. But, it is unable to increase the manufacturing rate.

The CPEC cost was big and is rising even more, which is making Pakistan more indebted to China. So, joining BRI didn’t help Pakistan nor will it help India. India’s poor education and weak health are not even able to adopt China’s 9-9-6 culture.

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