China Is Strengthening Its Ties with New Zealand

China-New Zealand relations have now taken a new turn. In a joint session at Beijing this Monday, China’s President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Ardern. The officials agreed to make continuous collaborations to nourish the strategic partnership that rests by trust and benefit.

China and New Zealand are Collaborating over Belt and Road construction

This meeting was to discuss strengthening the 47 years old cordial ties. By inviting New Zealand to participate in the Belt and Road construction project, China successfully laid a firm basis for an enhanced level of cooperation in international affairs.

Also, Jacinda Ardern spoke well in support of this positive initiative. She, therefore, promised to participate in the second Belt and Road forum held at Beijing with a well-prepared delegation.

However, China and Pakistan now stood united on sustaining multilateralism and multilateral trading. The inclusion of a third partner is to promote an open world economy.

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