Chinese Folk Opera Series on PTV – Enhancing Cultural Collaboration under CPEC

Chinese folk opera series

CPEC has always encouraged China and Pakistan to collaborate on cultural grounds. This key component of CPEC was recently revitalized. The Director-General of Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Jamal Shah, has announced the airing of Chinese folk opera series, Three Drops of Blood, on Pakistan Television (PTV). He further declared it as a positive step towards promoting commonality between the people of both countries.

Chinese Animated Cartoon Series will attract a Huge Number of Local and International Viewers

The ‘Three Drops of Blood’ (a famous Chinese folk opera series) is an animated series depicting Chinese Culture. It basically focuses on the ancient and apocryphal issues and is a classical masterpiece of China. The tale was composed in the year 1918 and is an array of colourful and lively, distinctive characters. Therefore, Managing Director of the PTV, Hassan Immad Mohammadi, considered it an attractive addition to the program list of PTV. He further mentioned that it will be a short series comprising of a total of six episodes.

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