Jiwani Tehsil

Tehsil Jiwani is a town and commercial port that is located along the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar District of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan. It is located near the Pakistani border with Iran. The town has a total population of 35,000 and is expected to become a major commercial center with the development of the port of Gwadar located about 80 kilomete to the east.

Tehsil Jiwani is located at the eastern side of Gwadar Bay which is near Iran and Pakistan border. The area around the bay includes an important mangrove forest extending across the international border, and is an important habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, especially the endangered Olive Ridley and Green Turtles. Plans to grant fishing concessions and offshore drilling rights are potentially a threat to the wildlife of the area. The population largely depends upon fishing. There are a number of export oriented fish freezing plants located in Jiwani. Jiwani is about 30 km from the Iranian border.
Jiwani holds strategic importance in the region, located immediately adjacent to the shipping lanes to and from the Persian Gulf. This is the main reason that the town hosts a small naval base and an airport with a 1600 meter runway.
A story linked to Jiwani and that is that Queen Victoria planned to visit the area to watch the sunset and a hut was built for her, which is now known as the Victoria Hut. The Victoria Hut is still maintained by the Pakistan Coast Guards up to the present day.  There is a water system which is now abandoned for use but is a marvel of civil works and holds great uniqueness for meeting water requirements of the base. It used to store rain water in three stages in order to clean the water using its usual flow. The water was then pumped to the Victoria Hut which is nearly 5 km from the water tank system.
With the Makran Coastal Highway now reaching Jiwani from Gwadar and also connecting Karachi, Jiwani is a place to be seen especially by those who are interested in knowing history more closely.

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