CPEC Is Improving the Naval Anchorage, The Naval Chief Addressed

The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi, met Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Yao Jing. The attendees discussed to collaborate over strengthening the Naval Anchorage. Maritime security was also talked of in view of its importance to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The Naval Chief also addressed the Chinese envoy about the importance of Navy in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

The Chinese envoy mentioned China’s support for the construction of Gwadar Airport to Improve Naval Anchorage

Mr. Yao Jing clearly appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to prioritize the completion of CPEC. He mentioned his country’s support for the Gwadar airport project. And also, admired the role of the Pakistan Navy as an important armed force. Earlier this month, Federal Minister for Planning Makhdum Khusro Bakhtiar, also had a meeting with Mr. Yao Jing.

The meeting primarily discussed CPEC related issues. The attendees exchanged reviews over the sections of the western route. Mr. Makhdum mentioned Prime Minister’s recent visit to Baluchistan for this purpose. He also declared that CPEC is in the government’s first priority list. The attendees’ further exchanged views over the Gwadar Hospital and vocational training institute projects.

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