CPEC is Proving to Be More Beneficial Than IMF for the Progress of Pakistan


International Monetary Fund (IMF) is covering 189 countries since 1945. This organization has been connected with Pakistan to help the funds for decades. But, from the last two decades, Pakistan experienced a severe downfall. And, the causes are increasing corruption, crime, deterioration of rights, poverty, lack of education, demoralization and much more. Whereas, it has proved CPEC to be beneficial for us. Although, it has a long way to go.

The downfall of Pakistan is for sure our problem, and only we can sort out the things. But, whatever we expected, the IMF did not fulfill it in the same way.¬†IMF focuses on tax and collections linking the currency value and other expenditures. But, it doesn’t help in-country development. On the other hand, CPEC is helping in several fields like providing opportunities, introducing power projects and more.

One can notice the improvement in electricity providence and other economic activities after the formation of CPEC. CPEC has many projects, among which they have completed some, and some are under construction. These projects are supporting people by generating electricity and serving various opportunities. This blessed country has many mines, minerals, a better climate, and favorable industrialization. For which they have completed 22 early harvest projects. All these CPEC factors are developing our country through economic and developmental means.

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