CPEC Offers to Maximize Collaboration between China Pakistan

On visiting the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs last Saturday, Prof Dr. Matthew McCartney from the Oxford University presented his views over the economic perks of CPEC.

He specifically talked about the shift of attention of the world from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Afterward, he mentioned India as the previous point of consideration in Global Studies. Mr. McCartney also mentioned how the trend has now shifted to discussing this massive China Pakistan pact.

CPEC promises to establish lifelong cooperation between China and Pakistan.

While shedding light on the various perks of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Mr. Matthew was found in awe by the numerous ongoing mega-corridor project. Mr. Matthew mentioned that CPEC promises a revolutionary boost in Pakistan’s economy. Then, he admired China’s cooperation over highways and infrastructure and in energy and Gwadar International Airport. He also declared China as a “resilient economy with a size of over $300 Billion”. However, he concluded by entitling China as a greater beneficiary of the CPEC. Though he continued to express optimism for Pakistan.

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