Dennis ‘s Video Wins Craftsmanship Award at Belt and Road Competition in China

A short video of a young Pakistani girl working on the Hub Power Project of CPEC has won a craftsmanship spirit award in Chinese Belt and Road Competition that was held on Sunday. The video was based on a young Pakistani girl ‘Dennis’ who had been a student in Wuhan China for five years. Upon her return from China, she decided to work at the Hub Power Plant that was being completed under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

A Short video of a young Pakistani girl working on a CPEC project wins the craftsmanship spirit award

The categories for the awards that had been granted included Workmanship Award, Friendship Envoy Award, Originality Award, Popularity Award, Outstanding Organizer Award, and Outstanding Works Award.

The spokesman of Pakistan Hub Power Project mentioned while addressing that over 1,000 Pakistani workers are working day and night to bring prosperity in the country.

“Dennis is just one of the thousands of our sisters in Pakistan, who, together with us, create a beautiful life through hard work,” he added.

Entrepreneurs, news representatives from SASAC, and China Public Diplomacy along with some diplomats from foreign embassies gathered at the award ceremony held in China.

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