Gwadar Airport Will Be Fully Completed By the End of 2021

It has been forecasted that the $256 million Gwadar International Airport will be fully functional by the end of the three-year timeline. The foundation of the airport had been laid down by the PM Imran Khan last Friday. It would be the Second largest airport in Pakistan. The significance of the airport lies in its capability of handling ATR-72, Airbus A-300, and Boeing B-747 aircraft.

Gwadar International Airport construction will be completed by 2021 at the cost of 256 million dollars

The construction of the new Gwadar Airport is expected to be completed by the end of three years at the cost of 256 million dollars. This airport would be the country’s largest airport in term of area. Further, it would be capable of catering the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A-380.

These days, only the recently-developed Islamabad International Airport can cater up to A-380. Other large airports of the country such as the Lahore and Karachi airports are yet not equipped to handle that much passengers’ movement.

As the Gwadar Port will be developed, it will provide Beijing a firm-footing position in the Indian Ocean. So, the airport development is significant as it acts as a channel for the Silk Route that aims at connecting three billion people of Asia, Europe, and America.

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