KCR May Also Fall Under the Umbrella of CPEC – Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed

Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed, recently announced that Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) may also fall under the umbrella of CPEC Projects. He spoke about this significant possibility while talking to media men in Karachi. There, he further stated that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) gives special preference to Railway Projects. For this, he stressed upon the approval of the feasibility design for ML-1 Railway.

Railways Federal Minister Greatly Criticized the Sindh Government

Sheikh Rasheed confidently responded to all queries of the media people. He clearly stated that KCR is a collaborative project of the Federal Government and Sindh Government. Afterward, he highlighted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s firm decision of saying no to NRO. He further mentioned that the government is actively playing its role to control the inflation rate in the country. In addition, the railways minister stated that Sindh’s Health minister must resign from his office. For this, he concluded that the Sindh Government has given nothing to his people except for AIDS.

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