New Gwadar International Airport – Second Largest Airport in Pakistan

Gwadar International Airport

Minister of Aviation Division, Mr. Ghulam Server Khan has given a glad tiding of the construction of New Gwadar International Airport. He has declared that China has agreed to fund Rs. 35270 Million for this project. He has also stated that this mega project will commence in June this year. As an answer to another question, Mr. Server revealed that this project will become functional in a short period of 36 months.

Pakistan’s Smart Port City will soon connect with the rest of the world

Gwadar International Airport will be Pakistan’s Second largest airport. It will cover an area of 18 square kilometers and will be located in Gurandani area. This China funded Gwadar airport will surely open up newer gates of opportunity for Pakistan. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant projects under CPEC. With this project, Pakistan and China will witness a new phase of collaboration and will experience a magnificent boom in the economy.

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