Pakistan and China vow for Solidarity Thorough CPEC

It is indispensable for both Pakistan and China to exchange factual and calculated information. CPEC is helping both the countries to stand in front of the world in means of prosperity. So, by adopting a realistic approach, they can make peaceful development. The world is also greatly affecting by this gigantic project. Therefore, for regional peace and stability, it is inevitable for both countries to collaborate on strategic grounds.

Unity can make the world a better place to live

CPEC is now also the basis of bilateral relations between Pakistan and China. Thus, for the strong relation and continuous development, it is necessary to uphold the deliberate communication. And both sides have agreed to share the most logical and exclusive piece of information with each other. Pakistan also lauded China’s effort to make the world peaceful than ever. Also, the government is ready to help China in spreading peace and solidarity.

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