Pakistan Has Some Hidden Aspects Behind the CPEC Authority, Hyrbyair Marri Said.


London: Hyrbyair Marri, the leader of the free Balochistan Movement stated on Tuesday that, Pakistan wants to turn Balochistan into Chinese military garrison through the CPEC authority.

He added that both the Pakistanis and Chinese are calling it an economic step. But, it has military reasons. Moreover, he stated that even the Pakistani military and political elite know about the socio-political condition of Balochistan. According to this, the CPEC economic project in Balochistan is not beneficial.

Hyrbyair also discussed the formation of the National Coastal Development Authority, which is against the constitution. And, the parliamentarian parties have a claim on it. Furthermore, he stated that both the formations are a step to cover the coastal areas of Balochistan for military purposes.

He mentioned that Pakistan is trying to turn Gwadar and other areas into the Kaliningyard of China. Hyrbyair also said that some Baloch people are believing in the failure of CPEC. Whereas, CPEC is succeeding and is going to be the end of the Baloch majority, ending the freedom of Balochistan. This will cause the construction of bases in Jiwani, Ormara, Sonmiani, which will help to encircle India by sea.

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