Pakistan Is Going to Be A Hub of the World’s Largest Oil Reserves

The new discoveries in energy and oil sector in Pakistan are substantial than the past. As it is estimated in the first quarter that resources are of 1.5 billion barrels of oil. And in this discovery three wells are discovered offshore and onshore. One is in Pakistan’s water and the rest is in the shores of Brazil and Mexico. The drilling is in the first phase and has reached to 5000 meters and the goal is to reach 5800 meters to swell the oil reserves. And this knock of new discoveries can bolster future findings.

Pakistan has the largest amount of World’s Oil   

Owing to this discovery the position of Pakistan in the oil and energy sector is going to be uplift. And this significant finding can add a sizeable amount to the world’s reserves. Therefore, more discoveries are on the way and it is deliberating to find out more places with high success rate. It is also expecting that 35 more oil wells can be explored in this year. Also, this offshore oil reserves can back the economy and industry of Pakistan and can make it a successful and prosperous country.

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