Pakistani And Chinese Logistics Companies Are Collaborating for CPEC

China Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC

1. Pakistani and Chinese logistics companies are collaborating on a massive scale to build the China Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC through Private and Public Partnership and Frontier Works Organization and also Private Subcontractors. This will greatly enhance the logistics system of Pakistan and will eliminate the major Bottlenecks in our Supply Chain Management.

2. The Government of Pakistan also has to reform itself on the likes of reforms undertaken in the Chinese economy so as to harness all the energy of CPEC. Pakistanis are merging with Russia and Iran for skill development and human resources training in various sectors of the economy.

3. Another lesser-known partner of CPEC is Turkey which is also planning to invest indirectly in CPEC and Pakistan’s enemies are accepting their defeat on the International scale.

4. Already a huge amount of FDI Foreign Direct Investment has flown into Pakistan along with Chinese people who have hired interpreters creating more chances for Chinese language teaching and consultancies. One of the best of these sort of institute to Learn Chinese is Opportunity which provides Management Consultancies to Corporate and Government Professionals.

5. China has developed a number of Chinese Government Scholarships, especially for Pakistani Youth to get higher Education in China through Chinese government scholarship program. We publish not only Ph.D. Scholarships, but we also have Chinese Scholarships for Masters and under graduation as well under the China Pakistan Knowledge Corridor.

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