Pakistan’s Relationship with Japan Is Getting Strong Culturally

Japan is already advancing in the field of science and technology. This country wants to join hands with Pakistan to be a culturally developed country. For this purpose, both countries have decided to work jointly in film production and other cultural fields. After all, Pakistan is an attractive place for tourists. And also, the cultural exchange between these countries is going to be of a higher level. Also, Pakistan is a culturally rich country and the Japanese want to explore its culture like China. They are also willful to invest in Pakistan and strengthen bilateral relations.

Media can play a role in meeting the borders

Moreover, Japan committed to helping Pakistan in launching the e-visa facility. Pakistan is also initiating a media university with having performing arts, technical schools, and training departments. And Pakistan is seeking the assistance of Japan in the evolvement of this project. Japanese technology can help us to develop the projects in a more innovative way. Apart from that, Japan also intends to cooperate with Pakistan in education, sports, and culture. Pakistan’s vision to remodel its tourism and welcome world with open arms can further strengthen its connection with the world. In whole, Pakistan’s cultural connections are also nourishing.

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