Pragmatic Cooperation Between China Pakistan Promises More Progress

China Pakistan

Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mr. Lu Kang, has recently revealed that China Pakistan will now deepen pragmatic Cooperation. He gave this statement as an answer to a question about the meeting between Wang Yi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. He further stressed on how Mr. Wang Yi considers Pakistan an impactful partner in making BRI a great success.

Pakistan is impressively battling a war against terrorism and extremism

While shedding light on the meeting between China Pakistan Foreign Ministers, Lu Kang spoke of Wang Yi’s admiration for Pakistan. He clearly mentioned that Wang Yi acknowledged and admired Pakistan’s efforts to win a war against terrorism. He also confirmed that Wang Yi believes that Pakistan will continue to safeguard the rights and lives of Chinese personnel working in Pakistan under CPEC. Ultimately, this media brief served as an assurance of China’s firm trust in Pakistan. In other words, it listed Pakistan among China’s most cooperative strategic partners.

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