Prime Minister Imran Khan at Second Belt and Road Initiative

Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan has made an appearance in the Second Belt and Road Initiative in China. There, he made an impressive speech to put new ideas in front of the world. He also encouraged the idea of enhancing people-to-people interaction. Apart from that, he stressed on eliminating all the hindrances in this way. The Chinese government also has the same interests and backs all the suggestions of Pakistan in strengthening these bilateral relations. Both countries are working together with the intention to change the destiny of their people.

New Ideas can Open New Doors, Said By PM in the Second Belt and Road Initiative Forum

Government of Pakistan put forward an idea to the Chinese government to make a joint effort in planting 100 billion trees in the next two years. Focusing on the fact that in this way it will be easier to rescue the coming generations from severe climatic change. In addition, it is to nourish the relationship on an individual level. This is inevitable and for this purpose, Imran Khan stressed on the need to elevate BRI Tourism. He further mentioned that corruption is like a slow poison for generations and it is certain to deal it with an iron hand. Thus, anti-corruption cooperation is also initiated between the two countries. Pakistan is also ready to mimic Chinese striking efforts to reduce poverty. Moreover, it has decided to wipe out restrictions from trade and uplift the private sector and investment.            

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