Reliability of FATF-Causing Downfall to Pakistan, Report Says


The FATF meeting in Paris leads to the downfall of Pakistan. The brotherly countries, Malaysia, China, and Turkey have to back Pakistan, otherwise, it will question the credibility of FATF. The low compliance and risk factors in Pakistan lead the country to its decreased values.

Daily Pakistan reports showed satisfied compliance reports. Whereas, the Asia Pacific reports expressed low compliance on measures against terror attacks and money laundering in Islamabad.

As Pakistan satisfied the FATF members and Indian members, the Paris-based FATF will start reviewing the progress in the coming week. Although, China is a good friend, backing Pakistan was a must step to maintain its credibility.

The main reason for China to back Pakistan was the CPEC. Even the Pakistanis itself are opposing the CPEC formation. The CPEC slowdown is not normal for China, they are concerned. CPEC is the main part of BRI and is the dream project of Chin’s President. So, backing up Pakistan was a necessary step linking to the CPEC project.

The measures for crime and terror issues, and security and safety concerns are lacking in Pakistan. Hence, it is the main cause of the downfall of Pakistan in the Paris-based FATF.

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