Russia and Pakistan to Collaborate over Russia Pakistan Economic Corridor (RPEC)

Russia Pakistan Economic Corridor

Pakistan and Russia are now trying to improve their relationship through Russia Pakistan Economic Corridor (RPEC). Both countries are trying to repair the damage caused by the cold war. Russia has now started taking interest in collaborating with Pakistan. For this purpose, political, diplomatic and military engagements are playing a pivotal role currently. Apart from that, these countries have also made efforts to strengthen their relations in terms of defence. Critics are viewing this as a positive shift that is capable enough to redefine the geopolitical conditions of the world.

Pakistan is gaining importance the world over

Russia is actively lending a supportive hand to Pakistan. This clearly states that Pakistan is on its way to establishing itself as an internationally recognizable country. Pakistan is undoubtedly a precious land for Russians. It not only provides them with a connection with Central Asia but also gives them a way to connect to the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. The coming of warm waters from Russia is surely going to serve as a much needed economic boom for both countries. It is thereby speculated that Russia Pakistan Economic Corridor (RPEC) is now on its way.

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