Socioeconomic Development Is A Crucial Step of CPEC

The first Chinese Traditional Culture and Creative Exhibition in the Pakistan National Council of Arts have organized. And both countries vow to evolve the socioeconomic development through CPEC. Also, the focus of this development is to strengthen the link between people. This exhibition will enhance the importance of the social sector like health, human resource, and education. According to Ambassadors of both Pakistan and China now social development is the pivotal part of CPEC. And this cultural cooperation will surely build up the long-time friendship between the two countries.

Socioeconomic development is key to a strong relationship

CPEC is a multi-dimensional project so it can bridge up the communication between the people belong to a different culture. And this swapping between people will help the leadership of both countries to work with more understanding and momentum. This cultural exchange is beneficial for these two countries and the world. Several cultural exchange programs have been initiated in the past and this one was also the needed one. As enable the people of both sides to interact with each other at the regional level. Thus, for the success of CPEC, it is inevitable to elevate socioeconomic development.

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