To Underline Socioeconomic Development Sector for CPEC Is finalized

The government has decided to underline the socioeconomic development at the provincial level. This is another perk of CPEC. All the projects that are needed to be executed under this umbrella are now finalized. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the higher authorities on several projects has signed and others are in the queue. And Chinese experts are here to finalize the socio-economic projects and...

2nd Phase of CPEC Embraces Agriculture and Education

In the high-level meeting, the Prime Minister has decided to accentuate health and education in CPEC. He also insisted that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the fundamental of socio-economic development in the region. Therefore, in his nearing visit to Beijing, the government will determine the mutually beneficial projects for both countries. CPEC is the name of socio-economic development The...

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