The Govt Is Focusing On the Suppression of Poverty in Pakistan


The government of Imran Khan is looking more into the eradication of poverty in Pakistan than any other issue from the start. It’s been their top-most priority to provide the youth with beneficial jobs and opportunities to gain shelter, food, and education.

Benazir income support program is on its way, but the new government introduced various new projects for youth. Their supporting programs include Panagahs for shelters, Ehsas for food providence and many more to give different benefits to the people of Pakistan.

No doubt, the government is facing several issues in their way to help poverty. But, they are serving best with following the constitution which says to give the citizens their basic rights.

On the other hand, the goal of ending poverty is still far. They have started to join many selfless workers and programs to work hard for the citizens and their rights in Pakistan. And, we must appreciate these steps. To eradicate poverty, the government still requires many achievements.

CPEC was also an initiative to serve the youth with better economic conditions and opportunities. There is a lot to learn from China, and CPEC also requires some high-level technology and educational people. For such purposes, poverty is the barrier. Therefore, it should be removed from Pakistan as soon as possible. And, education is the key to a better future, on which the government is setting improvements.

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