Thriving Pakistan Railway Infrastructure under CPEC

After flourishing Gwadar as a Smart Port City, CPEC is now extending its services to Pakistan Railway. At Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Rasheed talked about the significance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He confidently declared that CPEC is now serving as a backbone to Pakistan Railway. He was hopeful that the development of ML-1 under CPEC will surely revolutionize the railway infrastructure of Pakistan.

Sir Syed Express will soon become operational

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed energetically declared Railway projects as a worthy portfolio of CPEC infrastructural projects. He described the potential of this sector and purposefully threw light on its recent advancements. He stated that 24 new trains are actually making a difference in people’s life. These have facilitated people and significantly improved their revenue. Furthermore, he announced that Sir Syed Express will soon be inaugurated. And Also, this inauguration will open up newer gates of progress for this otherwise ignored sector.

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